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General Questions:

Does Alma Home Care (AHC) require a service contract?

• There’s no service contract for AHC. At AHC our caregivers are used as long as our clients are satisfied.

Do AHC caregivers speak English?
• Yes, all AHC caregivers speak, read and write English. AHC also has bi-lingual caregivers (Spanish, French).

How do I know my caregiver will be honest?
• AHC hires the most qualified and responsible caregivers. When we hire our caregivers we do background checks and we verify their experience and references.

Do AHC caregivers need to be tipped?
• No, not under any circumstance. AHC caregivers are not allowed to accept tips or collect any payments from our clients. All payments must go directly to the AHC office.

Do I have to provide meals for the caregivers?
• No, caregivers that are preparing food for the client can make an extra amount and enjoy the same meal (if the client wishes) otherwise he will bring his own food.

Can AHC offer transportation?
• Yes AHC can provide transportation to all of his clients for doctor’s appointments, shopping centers, senior centers or any other place. You are simply billed a standard per-mileage rate to cover fuel and wear and tear. If the caregiver is driving your car there’s no extra charge in your hourly or daily rate.

Can AHC caregivers assist with medical procedure or give medication or shots?
• AHC provides only non- medical services. Our caregivers offer medication reminders.

Do you accept long-term care insurance?
• Unfortunately we do not at this time, but we plan on accepting insurance in the near future. Please check back with us.

These are just a few of the most commonly ask questions that we receive from prospective clients. Please feel free to call us at (413)-461-1167 or email us at info@almahomecare.com if you have any additional questions about AHC.


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